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T-Pain Picks Up A Gucci Fiat 500

Forget the Ferrari’s, the Lambo’s, even the Bugatti’s — T-Pain’s got a new ride. That’s right, T-Pain is rolling a Gucci Fiat 500 and he posted these photos of it on his Instagram page. What do you think of T-Pain in a Fiat??

T Pain Gucci Fiat 500

T Pain Gucci Fiat

Source: T-Pain’s Instragram

Video: Lapo Elkann’s New Military-Themed Ferrari 458 Italia

The brother of Fiat chairman John Elkann, and the possible future boss of Ferrari, Lapo Elkann, is at it again and this time it’s a new Ferrari 458 Italia customized with a military/camouflage theme — inside and out. It’s really no surprise since he already has his Jeep Grand Cherokee outfitted in camo as well as his Fiat 500 Abarthas. I guess you might as well keep the trend running. What do you think of the look?

Lapo Elkann Ferrari 458












Lapo Elkann Ferrari 458 Italia










Check out this video of Elkann with the Ferrari 458 as well as some of his other cars.


Thanks to RUFke for the tip!

Jennifer Lopez Is Driving A Fiat?!

Jennifer Lopez driving herself and Jennifer Lopez in a Fiat. These are two things we never thought we’d see. OK, OK, so the Fiat’s not actually from J-Lo’s personal garage but she’s been filming her latest music video and the Fiat is front and center. The Fiat is definitely no Rolls Royce, Maybach or Bentley but J-Lo doesn’t seem to be complaining. Has anyone seen any other celebs in Fiats? We’re surprised we haven’t spotted more.

Jennifer Lopez Fiat

Source: Just Jared

You Can Own Dr. Atkins Fiat

Yep, here’s your chance to own Dr. Atkins’ Fiat Pininifarina Spider. I mean who doesn’t want to own a car once owned by the creator of the Atkins Diet?  And to be honest, it’s actually a pretty rare car!

As usual, you can find it on eBay!

Dr Atkin's Fiat