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Emma Stone Upgrades From A Mini To An S6

Emma Stone is always running around town in her Mini Cooper but now that she’s dating Audi lover, Andrew Garfield it looks like the Audi fever has rubbed off. Emma was spotted getting into her Audi S6 as she was leaving a friends house in Los Angeles recently.

Emma Stone Audi S6

Emma Stone Audi S6

Shout out to Jason for the tip!

Andrew Garfield Gets Caught In A Speed Trap With His Audi

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone were caught speeding through Mailbu in Andrew’s Audi A7 S-Line over the weekend. Even Spiderman has a lead foot…and a sweet ride.

Andrew Garfield Emma Stone Audi S7


Photo Source: TMZ

Thanks to manuka for the tip!

Emma Stone Runs Around In Her Mini

Emma Stone was spotted running errands in her Mini Cooper recently. Good thing she’s hot, otherwise we might find her extremely boring.

Emma Stone Mini Cooper

Emma Stone Goes Mini

Good thing actress Emma Stone’s dog is on the petite side because anything larger might not fit in her teeny tiny Mini Cooper!

Emma Stone Mini Cooper