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If Only We Could All Wake Up To This In The Driveway

Dwyane Wade must have thought he was still dreamin when he woke up to a McLaren birthday gift sitting in his driveway. D-Wade took a nap yesterday and woke up to ANOTHER McLaren MP4-12C from Coral Gables, FL dealership, The CollectionIt’s no secret Wade is pretty tight with the dealership (he’s pretty much the face of their website) and not to mention this is actually the second MP4-12C they’ve “gifted” him. In other words, they just want him to drive another one around, but hey — that’s fine with us! Wade posted this photo collage on Instagram. What do you think of the red? Like it more than the black one they gave him before or not?

Think I’ll go take a nap now and dream of a McLaren showing up in the driveway…

Dwyane Wade McLaren

Lebron and D-Wade’s Porsche Lineup Is Sick

Dwyane Wade posted a photo of his new white Porsche 991 posted up next to Lebron James’ black Porsche Turbo with the caption “Some1 pls dial 911…#Porsche #collection me and @kingjames call these our Batman and Robin”

Dwyane Wade Lebron James Porsche


Dwyane Wade Poses With Lebron’s Challenger SRT

Dwyane Wade showed off his sock game by posing next to Lebron James’ Dodge Challenger SRT-8 after a game recently. We’re not sure about D-Wade’s socks (or his pants) but the ‘W’ in his laces and Lebron’s Challenger looking good!

Dwyane Wade Lebron James Dodge Challenger

Dwyane Wade Gets A McLaren MP4-12C As A Gift

Earlier today I was thinking it’s got to be real nice to be Chris Harris but now I’m thinking it’s got to feel real nice to be Dwyane Wade who was gifted a McLaren MP4-12C from the owner of the Miami dealership “The Collection“.

So now the real question, can he fit in it?

Dwayne Wade's New McLaren

Dwayne Wade's New McLaren MP412C

Peace out Mercedes SLR.

Thanks for the Reader Tip Ken! via CBSSPORTS

Dwyane Wade Folds Into His Mercedes SLR McLaren

Dwyane Wade sacrificed his comfort for a sexy ride in his Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren. The 6’4″ Miami Heat star folded up before taking off in the black SLR. I guess you do what you gotta do to look good!

Dwyane Wade Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren

Dwyane Wade Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren


Thanks to Matt for the tip.