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Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union Out in the Vanquish

Just last month, Dwyane Wade picked up a new Aston Martin Vanquish and posted a photo of it to his Instagram (along side a new Audi R8 too) but we hadn’t seen him actually driving the car until now.  Wade and his fiancée, Gabrielle Union were spotted leaving a Miami restaurant in the new Vanquish with the top down just the other day.

Source (Zimbio)

Dwyane Wade Picks Up Two New Rides

Dwyane Wade just shared a photo of not one but TWO new rides! What one would you choose if you had the chance? The Aston Martin Vanquish Volante or the Audi R8? I’d have to go with the Vanquish.

Dwyane Wade Audi

Source (@dwyanewade)

Dwyane Wade Picks Up a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

Who would post a photo of a little one-on-one game with a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta in the background? Dwyane Wade. D-Wade posted this photo to Instagram without even mentioning the beautiful F12 Berlinetta sittin pretty in the driveway but it still caught my attention! At least give her a hashtag or something…

Dwyane Wade Ferrari F12 Berlinetta


D-Wade Rolls Up To A Party In A Porsche Turbo

Miami’s newest premier exotic car rental agency, Lou La Vie held their grand opening party recently and Dwyane Wade showed up in his Porsche 997 Turbo cab.

Dwyane Wade Porsche Turbo

Dwyane Wade’s Badass Blacked-Out Jeep

We all know Lebron James has a badass Jeep so of course D-Wade is in on the action too. Wade uploaded a photo to Instagram referring to the crazy Miami weather recently but all I notice is the four door blacked-out Jeep sitting in the driveway. When D-Wade was showing off his new McLaren you can catch a glimpse of the Jeep in the photo too.

Dwyane Wade Jeep

Photo: dwyanewade Instagram