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DJ Mustard Got a Maybach

DJ Mustard seems to be doing big things this year. He’s been releasing a steady stream of successful hits, and he’s just recently added a Maybach to his car collection. If that’s not success, then I don’t know what is. Calabasas Luxury Motorcars shared a picture showing DJ Mustard picking up is new whip. Even though the “Maybach’s” aren’t necessarily Maybach’s like they used to be, I’m still a huge fan and it’s still a very pricey ride so it’s certainly still a huge feat to get one. Congrats to DJ Mustard!

DJ Mustard Maybach

DJ Mustard’s BMW i8

If you’ve listened to any popular hip-hop songs recently, there is a good chance DJ Mustard produced the beat. The producer has had a hand in several big hits and has even recently released some of his very own songs. Needless to say with all of his success picking up a BMW i8 is no problem at all. With the i8’s fancy doors and futuristic look, we wouldn’t be surprised to see him showing it off on social media soon!

DJ Mustard BMW i8

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