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Jason Segel Picks Up Michelle Williams In His Chrysler

Jason Segel and Michelle Williams were spotted cruising around in a Chrysler 300 C. We’re hoping this is just a rental and that Segel actually has a sweet ride parked in his garage. Anyone ever spotted him in anything else??

Jason Segel Chrysler

Jason Segel Michelle Williams Chrysler 300 C

Roll Like The President

This one wouldn’t have been hard to guess but it looks like Obama was rolling a Chrysler 300C before taking office and if you want to poney up 1 million you can buy it right now on eBay. But don’t forget this car was offered in late 2008 with a starting price of $100,000 at eBay but the auction was riddled with fake bids and the bids skyrocketed to $100 million. The auction was shut down not to long after reaching $100 million and was relisted until last week.


Obama's Chrysler 300C

Hat tip to Ken for sending us the tip!

Alice Coopers Rockin’ Ride

Alice Cooper could have bought a Bentley but instead he put over $300k in this? Just sayin…

Rock legend Alice Cooper is selling his “one of a kind” Chrysler 300 Series convertible designed by West Coast Customs. Not only was it owned by Cooper himself but it’s signed by the rocker too.

Alice Cooper Chrysler 300 C Roadster

According to the eBay auction, over $300k was invested into the car to make it the only Chrysler 300 Series Roadster in the world. That counts for something right? What do you think of the roadster?

Check out the eBay listing here for all the details and more photos.

Alice Cooper Chrysler 300 C Roadster

Alice Cooper Chrysler 300 C Roadster

Imported From Detroit

How long into the Chrysler 200 commercial during the Super Bowl did it take for you to figure out who was driving the car?

Josh Duhamel Rolls a Chrysler 300c SRT-8

Not only was Josh Duhamel a stud for landing my fav lady Fergie, he also was caught whipping a black Chrysler 300C SRT-8 which isn’t to shabby of a powerhouse. The 300C SRT-8 to the automotive world like the Governator speaks to California, it has power!

Josh Duhamel's Chrysler 300C SRT-8