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Mischa Barton Abandons Her Cadillac

A couple of photographers spotted Mischa Barton’s old-school Cadillac abandoned on the side of Mullholland Drive, with tattered wheels and a ruined bumper. According to sources, Mischa got into an accident and decided to leave the car, thinking she can get back to it when she’s ready.

Mischa Barton abandons her Old-School Cadillac.

Mischa Barton in her Old-School Cadillac.

Ke$ha Rolls in a Classic Cadillac

Singer Ke$ha was seen partying with her girls as she rolls the street with a classic copper 1978 Cadillac. Pretty sweet!

Ke$ha rolls in her classic copper 1978 Cadillac

Don’t You Want to Own This Cadillac CTS?

Victoria’s Secret models including the fiery Adriana Lima did some promotional appearances for the brand’s new perfume by being a bunch of vixens atop a Cadillac CTS. What better way to attract potential male clients by posing on top of a gorgeous car wearing nothing but pillow wear.

Cadillac CTS

Dennis Quaid Rolls With His Escalade and Unleashes Some Rage

Dennis Quaid had a little verbal brawl with a driver who was about to hit his black Escalade. Apparently, the absent-minded driver missed the stop sign and was heading towards Quaid’s direction. There’s nothing more special than a day in traffic with an angry celebrity roaring at your window—it’s like watching an action movie for free and for real!

dennis quaid escalade road rage

What’s Vanilla Ice Up To These Days?

Well apparently not all that much. As to what he’s doing in this video, I have no clue.