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Kendra Wilkinson Crashes Her Audi S7

Kendra Wilkinson was involved in a pretty nasty crash with her blacked-out Audi S7 this past weekend. Luckily, Kendra was OK and managed to walk away without breaking anything — except for her Audi of course. Too bad I never spotted her with the Audi before she wrecked it because it looks like it was pretty sweet.

Kendra Wilkinson Audi S7 Crash

Kendra Wilkinson Audi

Photo Source: EOnline/TMZ

Shout out to Awais for the tip!

DJ Afrojack Drifts His Audi R8

DJ Afrojack had some fun drifting his Audi R8 recently and in the video Afrojack pulls up in his Audi RS6. I’d take this lineup any day. Check it out below.

DJ Afrojack Audi R8

Source: Autoblog.nl

Shout out to MLR!

Joel Madden Has An Affinity for Audi

Looks like Joel Madden is thinking about the new Audi S8 based on this photo he shared where he cropped out his wife Nicole Richie claiming the S8 needs all the attention.

Joel Madden Audi S8

Billy Zane Loves His Audi A7

Cameras caught actor, Billy Zane checking out his Audi A7 recently. I don’t know a whole lot about this guy but from the looks of it, he loves his car (and probably his outfit too).

Billy Zane Audi A7 Billy Zane Audi

What Kind Of Audi Is Steve Martin Driving?

We’ve never spotted Steve Martin before but earlier this week he was seen leaving a Los Angeles restaurant in a white Audi S-Line. Can you tell what model he’s in?

Steve Martin Audi