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Russell Wilson and Ciara Date Night in a MG

While I live in Seattle, Russell Wilson makes me gag for the most part. From the water that cures concussions to the taking it slow (aka no sex), I just don’t get him and I’m a car guy, not a football fan. With that said, he’s married now and I hope he’s getting it in. This weekend was a “off weekend” as the Seahawks did not play. In Ciara’s world, this is probably one of those nights where the stars align and she gets lucky if Russell is in the mood. Either way, they went out for a date night in LA in a MG and even stopped by one the popular make-out spots.

Ciara, we’re crossing our fingers you got him into bed that night!

Ciara and Russell Wilson MG
Source: Ciara’s Instagram
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Russell Wilson Gets a Matching G-Wagon for Ciara’s Son!

Celebrities never seem to disappoint when it comes to ridiculous yet awesome displays of wealth! The latest culprit? Seattle Seahawks quarterback, Russell Wilson and his fiance, Ciara who recently took to Instagram to show off her sons new (toy) Mercedes G-Wagon next to Wilson’s G-Wagon. To own a Mercedes G-Wagon is impressive in and of itself, but to buy a matching toy version certainly takes it to another level!


Ciara Mercedes G Wagon

Source (@ciara)

Quiz Time! What is Ciara and Russell Wilson Cruising Around In??

Ciara recently took to Instagram to show off a cute photo of her and her boyfriend Russell Wilson holding hands while cruising around in Southern California. Although it is a clear shot of the dashboard, there doesn’t seem to be any visible brand logo. We thought this would be a great opportunity to test the knowledge of our followers! Let us know in the comment section below what you think Ciara and Russell are behind the wheel of!

Ciara Russell Wilson Cars

Source (@ciara)

Russell Wilson’s Mystery G-Wagon

Is that Russell Wilson’s G63?? It’s pretty obvious from Instagram photos that Seahawks quarterback, Russell Wilson is driving around in a new Mercedes-Benz G63 but so far he’s only shared pictures of the navigation screen instead of the exterior (see below). A few days ago we came across a photo of Seahawks wide receiver, Golden Tate in the parking lot of the Seahawks training facility with a G-Wagon in the background so unless Pete Carroll is rolling around in a G, we’re thinking this must be Wilson’s. 😉

Oh and from the looks of it, Tate is cruising around in a new Porsche Boxster.

Russell Wilson G Wagon

Instagram shot from Russell Wilson:

Russell Wilson Mercedes Benz G Wagon