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James Hardens Camaro Is A Beast

Aside from the size of those rims, I’m a big fan of this! Platinum recently shared a picture of James Hardens Camaro, which is several years old at this point, fresh out of a recent update and I’m loving the results! It’s definitely got the batmobile vibe going on and while some cars can’t always pull off that theme, I think this one does so pretty seamlessly. We’ve seen him in a Rolls Royce before, but that’s the only other car we know of his besides this one. After seeing this I’m liking his taste, and I’d love to see what other rides (if any) he has in his lineup!

James Harden Camaro

Source: Instagram

James Harden’s Ballin’ In A Rolls Royce

Houston Rockets guard, James Harden was spotted heading to lunch in Beverly Hills with his Rolls Royce Ghost yesterday. This is the first time I’ve seen Harden driving around before and from the looks of it, he and his new teammate, Dwight Howard already have a mutual love for Rolls Royce’s.

James Harden Rolls Royce Ghost James Harden Rolls Royce