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Felix Hernandez Shows Off After No Hitter, Nissan GTR Included

Felix Hernandez is on fire right now in my very own home town of Seattle which makes for all the better photoshoot.  If you recall we showed off his Porsche Cayenne last month but we had no idea tha the had a Nissan GTR, Mercedes GL, and his Range Rover.  We can’t quite make out the other car so your guess is as good as ours.

Felix Hernandez Cars

felix hernandez nissan-gtr

Felix Hernandez’s Porsche Cayenne Is Fit For A King

Seattle Mariners pitcher Felix Hernandez best know as ‘King Felix’ has a brand new Porsche Cayenne. Felix sure doesn’t waste anytime on customizing his rides or the wheels on his rides. Just like his Range Rover, this Cayenne comes with a hidden message on the center cap reading “Built For a King”.

We’re not sure about the color accents but it’s still a sweet ride. What do you think?

Felix Hernandez Porsche Cayenne
Source: Park Place LTD Facebook

Felix Hernandez Heats Things Up With His Rover

Even though the Mariners aren’t doing so hot this season we’re still big Felix Hernandez fans so when we came across King Felix’s “Cy Young” customized Range Rover we thought we’d share.

Felix Hernandez Range Rover

Felix had the car customized by the guys down at MC Customs in Miami and well, we’ll just say there’s nothing they really missed on this one. It’s a little flashy for us but don’t get us wrong we’re still fans and you’ll still find us sitting in the “Kings Court”