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Alicia Keys Gets Behind The Wheel of the Aventador

Move over Swizz! Alicia’s behind the wheel now.  Swizz Beatz shared a photo of his wife, sitting behind the wheel of his new Lamborghini Aventador recently. Alicia’s no stranger to nice cars, she has her Fisker Karma and her Lotus Evora GTE also.

Alicia Keys Lamborghini

Source (@therealswizzz)

Swizz Beats Surprises Alicia Keys With A Fisker Karma

Alicia Keys Fisker karma

Christmas looks a whole lot better when you are Alicia Keys! Well the Fisker Karma from Swizz Beats also helped out!

Alicia Keys Battles NYC Traffic In Her Lotus

Alicia Keys was spotted on the streets of NYC yesterday in the red Lotus Evora GTE that her hubby, Swizz Beatz picked up for her at the end of last year. Since Swizz teamed up with Lotus to design the special edition Evora we’re guessing he picked this one up for next to nothing (emphasis on the nothing).

Alicia Keys Lotus

Alicia Keys Lotus Evora