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Adam Sandler Drives A Challenger Now

For some reason I didn’t picture Adam Sandler driving an American muscle car but after seeing these pics, it seems to fit him quite well in my opinion. I would have guessed for him to be driving some sort of mid size luxury sedan, perhaps something along the lines of a 5 series or an A6. Thinking about it in hindsight, he doesn’t seem like someone who revels in luxury or anything too fancy, so a Dodge Challenger really does seem like a great pick for him.

Adam Sandler Challenger

Source: Zimbio

Adam Sandler Switches Cadillacs For The Day

Normally we have to make fun of Adam Sandler for his “old man” Cadillac DTS but recently we spotted him getting out of this black Cadillac Escalade hybrid so all jokes are aside this time. We have to say we like this look for Sandler much better than the DTS. Don’t you agree?

Adam Sandler Cadillac Escalade Hybrid

Adam Sandler Takes His Cadillac For A Sunday Stroll

Adam Sandler left a party over the weekend in his black Cadillac DTS. With all the money Sandler brings in you’d think he’d roll around in something a little more exciting. Don’t you agree?

Adam Sandler Cadillac DTS

Adam Sandler Slumming In His Cadillac

Apparently Adam Sandler wasn’t all that excited about running errands. Look at that outfit!

Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler’s Cadillac CTS

Adam Sandler looks busy behind his Cadillac CTS. Must be the who Holiday madness!