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Dennis Quaid Rolls With His Escalade and Unleashes Some Rage

Dennis Quaid had a little verbal brawl with a driver who was about to hit his black Escalade. Apparently, the absent-minded driver missed the stop sign and was heading towards Quaid’s direction. There’s nothing more special than a day in traffic with an angry celebrity roaring at your window—it’s like watching an action movie for […]

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Lily Allen Steps Out With Her Range Rover Sport

The recording artist who just recently announced her 2-year retirement on a concert last week tried to hind her baby bump with layers of thick clothing, a big handbag and with a magazine as thick as quality plywood. She is seen about to hop into her black Range Rover Sport and hanging out with her […]

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Matthew McConaughey and Camila Rescued an Animal with their GMC Yukon

Mr. No-Shirt Hollywood and the mom of his adorable son Levi went into a local Malibu animal shelter and got a family cat. Seen in the photo, the family is about to take home the lucky feline with their white GMC Yukon. It’s great to see that instead of basking in their popularity, this couple […]

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Dirty Stephanie Pratt Picks Up Laundry in her BMW X5

Spencer Pratt’s sister (yes, the normal one) and The Hills star Stephanie Pratt was seen picking up her dry cleaning with a gorgeous white BMW X5. The glory of her car makes up for her uneven skin tone. Look at how tan her face and how white her legs are! She must have ran out […]

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Britney Heads to the Studio with her Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon

The princess of pop is seen here riding shotgun in her white G500 as she heads off to the studio to practice for her appearance in the hit TV series Glee. If you look closely, you’ll see her knocked-up baby sister Jamie Lynn at the back seat! Source: X17 Online

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