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Top 10 Most-Idiotic Celebrity Car Accidents

It’s not all glamour and fame for celebrities who like cars. Some of them are ill-fated or reckless enough to get involved in car crashes. Some of them survive, some of them (unfortunately) don’t. Here are the top 10 celebrity fender benders that served as wake-up calls to fans and motorists worldwide:

10. Tom Brady’s Audi Mishap

A few days before the football season started in September, Tom Brady was accidentally hit by a careless driver who beat the red light. Brady got out safe but it’s no good news for his Audi.

Tom Brady wrecks the Audi S8

9. Kara Jo’s Gas Station Blunder

Kara Jo, a playboy playmate, got into an accident that can stereotype her for the rest of her career. She accidentally revved up and sped with the gas pump still attached to her car. We can only imagine the faces and the reactions of the people surrounding her.  We hear she was more embarrassed of the car she was driving than of what she did to the gas pump.


Source: TMZ

8. George Michael’s Snappy Snaps Crash

The famous singer got in the wrong side of publicity after he allegedly crashed his Range Rover in a Snappy Snaps store in London. Reports say he was under the influence of marijuana and thankfully, he survived with minor injuries.

7. Michael Phelp’s Cadillac Crash

Michael Phelps might be one of the world’s greatest athletes, but his driving skills are far from his swimming skills. After recklessly driving his Cadillac Escalade, he hit a sedan whose driver had to go to the hospital for minor injuries.  Chances are he was high on drugs.


6. Juliette Lewis’ T-Bone Accident

After a long day of shooting, actress Juliette Lewis was unfortunately taken home by a Lincoln Town Car that got t-boned on an intersection in Hollywood. Luckily, Lewis got out safe with neck injuries but the car got the best of it.


Source: TMZ

5. Ozzy Osbourne’s Ferrari Accident

The prince of darkness was left in the dark when his Ferrari was hit by a Mercedes in Los Angeles last year. It’s a good thing the damages are little and Ozzy was escorted to safety.


Source: TMZ

4. Mel Gibson’s Maserati Mishap

A raging ex-wife is only one part of Mel’s turbulent year, and his ruined 2008 Maserati is another. The famous actor got into an accident in August, much to the dismay of his insurance company.


Source: TMZ

3. Dwight Eubanks’ Cement Run-In

If you don’t know who he is, he’s the designer featured in the show Real Housewives of Atlanta. He doesn’t deserve much spotlight  with his own work at all, but this accident puts every attention on his driving skills. He had managed to drive his Mercedes-Benz into a puddle of wet cement. It took three humiliating hours to completely take out the vehicle.


2. Charlie Sheen’s over the edge

It’s something when your car got stolen and you see it on the news in a terrible accident, but it’s another if it happened to two of your cars! Charlie Sheen was a victim of auto theft and the culprits made sure they made their point by driving his expensive Mercedes-Benz off a cliff. It’s a good thing the actor isn’t in one of those cars!


1. Dennis Rodman’s miraculous Range Rover survival

Earlier last year, Dennis Rodman was involved in a horrific car accident that tumbled his Range Rover upside-down. It’s pretty astounding how he was able to shun this misfortune in his favor. He got away with barely a scratch and a car that will go straight to the scrap yard.

DEnnis Rodman-Range-Rover

Source: TMZ

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