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Billionaire Brothers race the DragTimes C8 Z06 in their 4 Million Dollar LaFerrari

Brooks from DragTimes races the Billionaire Brothers from the Triple F Collection.


DragTimes Z06 vs Ferrari 812

Ferrari 812 Supefast isn’t so fast vs the new Chevrolet Corvette Z06

Watch Brooks from DragTimes race the Z06 vs the Ferrari 812 Superfast

V6 Hybridized McLaren Artura electrocutes the Ferrari F12

Brooks from DragTimes races a McLaren Artura vs the V12 powered Ferrari F12 down the 1/4 Mile and puts down some great times.

Z06 owner bets he can beat a McLaren Artura

Direct from DragTimes, a new C8 Z06 owner bets his car can beat the McLaren Artura down the 1/4 Mile

$10M Bugatti Divo is the Quickest ICE Production Car in the World

Brooks from DragTimes brings up the first ever Bugatti Divo down the 1/4 mile and races it against a Tesla Plaid and Porsche Turbo S