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NEW (2) Color Photos 8" x 10" Adult Film Star Jessica Drake - Framed and Matted For Sale

NEW (2) Color Photos 8

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NEW (2) Color Photos 8" x 10" Adult Film Star Jessica Drake - Framed and Matted:

NEW (2) Color Photos 8" x 10" of Adult Film Star Jessica Drake13.5" x 19.5" Black Wooden Frame and Matted with HardwarePersonal Info

Name : Jessica Drake

Date of Birth:October 14th,1974

Hometown :San Antonio, Texas (US)

Measurements :34C – 24 – 33

Height :5’9 (1.75m)

Hair Colour :Blonde

Eye Colour :Brown

Tattoos :‘Wicked’script on the inside of her left middle finger, a flaming heart design on the right side of her bikini line, a small star on her right foot, a Celtic cross on the outside of her left calf, a flaming heart with thorns around it on her right ankle and a symbol on her right shoulder blade

Years Active :1999 – present (as a performer), 2008 – present (as a director)

Number of Scenes :250+ (as a performer), 16+ (as a director)

Jessica Drake one of the most successful adult film stars of all time. A multi-talented porn star, model, feature dancer, director, writer, certified sexual health educator and mainstream actress, Jessica is famous for her award-winningWicked Picturesfeature releases and her pioneeringJessica Drake’s Guide To Wicked SexsDVD series. When it comes to Jessica Drake’s adult film career, the sky’s the limit!

Before she became the porn superstar that her fans know and love, Jessica was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. Jessica was a quiet student who took honors classes and she has explained inher May 2015Adult DVD Talkinterviewthat;

“I had a pretty regular upbringing with my mom and dad and I had a little brother. I went to private school for about 8 years about the beginning of my education. I was pretty nerdy in school. I was in honors classes. I was skinny my whole life, had no boobs, got picked on a lot. I was definitely bullied all throughout middle school and the first part of high school. That’s something a lot of people don’t know but I think that happens to everybody in some way, shape or form. Kids can be cruel. I went to college for a while because I thought that was what I was supposed to do. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. I was a liberal arts major. I took some psychology courses and really enjoyed them…

I ended up meeting some people in Texas that were in the adult industry. I didn’t know what capacity they were in inside the industry. Come to fine out it was Michael Raven, who turned out to be a contract director for Wicked. He has since retired. I also met some performers and they offered to show me the ropes. I didn’t think that was for me and after about 6 months to a year, I came out to California, took a look around and started to meet people. I started to figure out what the business was all about, it was completely different then. A little while after that, I did some softcore work; I did some stuff for HBO, Cinemax and Showtime and Playboy TV. I was Bikini Girl #4 (laughs)”.

Jessica revealed during thisMay 2015Adult DVD Talkinterviewthat she lost her virginity when she was 16 years old. Jessica did not have any prior experiences with porn before losing her virginity and this was a turning point in her life. As Jessica puts it in her own words;

“When I lost my virginity, something changed for me when I discovered the act of sex. I was really curious about sex before I started having it because I didn’t really have any resources and my parents weren’t comfortable teaching me what sex was all about. I didn’t get any realistic sex education. I lost my virginity right before I turned 16. It was a high school sweetheart. I was with him for a very long time, even for a while after that. I lost my virginity with a condom. We put a lot of thought and research into it. Of course, it wasn’t great the first time but it wasn’t bad and it definitely made me want more sex…I had already kissed a girl before I lost my virginity to a guy. Shortly after losing my virginity, in a matter of months, I had a threesome with my boyfriend and my best friend…I’ve always been into women. Really liked women”.

Jessica filmed her first ever sex scenes in 1999 for a Michael Raven production. For the next two years Jessica performed exclusively as a contract girl forSin City Studiosuntil her contract expired in May 2002. Some of Jessica’s most popular porn productions filmed during this time includeMidas Touch(1999),Belle de Jour(2000) andShayla’s Web(2000) which earned Jessica a coveted “Best Tease Performance” accolade at the 2001 AVN Awards. Jessica was also featured in theSin CitymoviesJessica Drake AKA Filthy Whore(2001) andAmerican Girls(2002) that was nominated for “Best DVD” at the 2003 AVN Awards. Talking about these early years duringher May 2015Adult DVD Talkinterview, Jessica divulged that;

“I did my first movie for Michael Raven and I did a boy/girl sex scene before I did girls. I had played with girls in my personal life and when a lot of girls come into the industry, they kind of dip their toe in and go kind of slow. I didn’t really do that. I was independent for a while and then signed a contract with a small company for a small period of time. They didn’t really shoot me which worked to my favour”.

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