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Madonna della Pieta Silver Bust (Limited Edition) - Offers Welcome For Sale

Madonna della Pieta Silver Bust (Limited Edition) - Offers Welcome

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Madonna della Pieta Silver Bust (Limited Edition) - Offers Welcome:

This is a limited edition bust numbered 6/1000. It contains 1000 troy oz of silver with a purity of 0.999. The color in the photos are all reflected colors.

Bust Information:

Michelangelo, widely regarded as the greatest artist in history, created many of his works for the Vatican. These works include the breathtaking frescoes in the Sistine Chapel and the incredibly beautiful Pietà which would come to be regarded as one of the world’s great masterpieces of inspired art and perhaps the most beautiful sculpture ever created. Michelangelo considered the Pietà to be both the consummate expression of his artistic abilities and an embodiment of the divine inspiration that guided his work.The Blessed Virgin Mary head from the Pietà is a study in the spiritual beauty that was Michelangelo’s artistic ideal. It is a testament to his aoffering love of God, the source of his inspiration, that he was able to capture the compassion and serenity in Mary’s face with so much grace that, half a millennium later, the vision of it continues to inspire us. Now, under an exclusive license from the Vatican Observatory Foundation, this masterpiece has been recreated in cast silver from a authorized mold derived from the original.

Dimensions:Height: 15 in. | Width: 11 in. | Depth: 13 in.