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Judge Dredd (Eagle Comics) #29 Mar-1986 [7AB] VF For Sale

Judge Dredd (Eagle Comics) #29 Mar-1986 [7AB] VF
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Judge Dredd (Eagle Comics) #29 Mar-1986 [7AB] VF:

(Eagle Comics, 1983 series) #29 Mar-1986 VFSTORYwriterpencilspagesThe Guinea Pig That Changed the Law [Judge Dredd]John WagnerJohn Cooper6...The Great Plasteen Disaster [Judge Dredd]John WagnerJohn Cooper6The D.N.A. Man [Judge Dredd]John WagnerBrett Ewins14Brain Child (a.k.a. New Year Is Cancelled) [Judge Dredd]John WagnerBrendan McCarthy5
  • Cover date: Mar-1986
  • On-sale date: 1986
  • Cover pencils: Brian Bolland (signed)
  • Cover inks: Brian Bolland (signed)
  • Cover Price: 1.25 USD; 1.60 CAD; 1.00 AUD; 1.20 NZD; 0.60 GBP
  • Genre: SciFi/Fantasy
  • Broad description: Intl Publisher to the U.S. (English)
  • Publisher: Eagle Comics [Eagle Comics] [Eagle Comics, IPC Magazines Ltd.]
  • Series notes: Eagle Comics kicked off its 2000 AD reprint line with this, its most popular feature. Eagle lasted nearly three years; other publishers then took over, but Eagle\'s reprints were the best looking of the lot until Fleetway got involved.
  • Archival description: www.comics.org/issue/41245
Condition: The item pictured is the actual one you\'ll receive (these are not stock photos). Any doubts, please ask for re-scans, close-ups, or videos.Note: Comics are bagged and boarded (clean!) and shipped in a box (not an envelope). None of the comics are certified or encapsulated unless marked as CGC, CBCS or PGX.Unlimited U.S. Shipping: One shipping charge for as many comics as you like. Shipping is charged only one time for any number of items combined. Additional items ship free in the same package. Payment is expected within 3 days of purchase. I generally ship twice a week. A shipping tracking number will be included. Once shipped please allow from 2 to 8 days for delivery after shipping confirmation. Thanks.[7AB]
HOW DO I GRADE?LET\'S FACE IT, GRADING HAS CHANGED THROUGH THE YEARS. WHEN I WAS KID IT WAS EITHER \"NEW\" OR \"I\'VE READ THAT SEVERAL TIMES\" ... AND THEN THERE WAS \"AT LEAST THERE IS NOTHING STUCK TO IT.\" Grading is not that simple any more. Its practices have been refined through the decades to more accurately reflect selectivity in collectors. Bottom line, I want to correctly communicate to a buyer what to expect for condition. So I follow the ten point system you\'re probably used to, such as Good (2.0), Very Good (4.0), Fine (6.0), Very Fine (8.0) and Near Mint (9.4). I do not consider grading a matter of opinion or subjective--there is a concrete way of getting to a grade. I have adapted a grading explanation from Lone Star Comics (thanks, guys).EXPERIENCE
My grading standards are based on the standards laid out in the Overstreet Comic Book Grading Guide with additional experience gained from my 40+ years of collecting. I closely monitor grading across many sellers, having purchased more than 5,000 comics (one at a time!) in the last few years alone. In this way I can practice and stay tuned into established standards.Many consider that grading is an inherently subjective process and there will always be small differences in opinion. Professional grading services that produce \"slabbed\" certifications acknowledge that the same book may not always receive the same grade if it is submitted for grading more than once. That is unfortunate. I\'d like to avoid uncertainty if at all possible. I don\'t low-ball to avoid arguments, nor do I estimate. The comic is out of the bag, in strong light with an examination of the front and back covers, spine and interiors and then scanned. I start with a first impression and then work from there.IMAGES
The comics I list for sale are listed with a ten-point grading scale assigns grades ranging from 10.0 (highest) down to 0.5 (lowest). Note that I use the ten-point scale to grade all comics -- even those published after 1979. Comics graded using the ten-point grading scale are individually scanned and listed for sale, so when you\'re considering purchasing a comic you can see the front (and sometimes back) cover scans of the exact comic being offered. I never use stock images.SLABS
Additionally, some comics are \"slabbed\" by CGC, CBCS, or PGX. These comic grading services will grade a comic and then seal the comic in a hard plastic case that displays the assigned grade. These grading services assign grades on the same ten-point grading scale I do. You can easily identify a slabbed comic because the grades will include the name of the grading service, such as \"CGC 9.4\" or \"PGX 9.4\". A comic that has not been slabbed is sometimes referred to as a \"raw\" comic, which just means a regular comic not encased in a plastic slab. I don\'t collect or invest in slabbed comics since it\'s counter-productive to my desire for reading and holding the comic in my hand. They are impossible to inspect, difficult to scan or photograph and don\'t feel like something I would enjoy.RETURNS
Comics are almost never returned to me due to grading, but should you receive a comic that you believe is not properly graded, please contact me through or by the number given to you in the package. I will gladly work out a return solution that meets your needs and concerns. Please note that unauthorized returns are refused.GRADING STANDARDSWhen reviewing the possible defects a comic may have as shown below for the various grades, please keep in mind that while a single defect may not reduce a comic\'s grade, that defect if repeated and/or combined with other accumulated defects, may push the grade down by one or more grades.MINT
10.0 GM Gem Mint
9.9 M Mint
9.8 NM/M Near Mint/Mint
These three grades are almost impossible to find and to defend or even differentiate. Considering the fact that most of the comics manufactured don\'t retain these grades through the shipping, distribution and stocking process, if you as a buyer are looking at a comic book that has been assigned one of these grades, you should be very cautious. Fingerprints, curvature of the cover at the edge, the sharpness of a corner, springiness of the binding are all grading factors that simply won\'t show up in the highest of scans. A 10.0 could sell for twice as much money as a 9.8. On the ten-point grading scale, a lower grade like 9.2 would allow these defects in a greater quantity and degree than a higher grade like 9.8, which sometimes may have no discernible defects at all. I do not assign the grades 9.9 and 10.0 to any unslabbed \"raw\" comics. You will only see these ultra-high grades on comics slabbed by one of the grading services. There is such a small degree of separation between the grades 9.8, 9.9, and 10.0 that even the most experienced comic graders may disagree on which of these three grades to assign to an apparently flawless comic, so the highest grade I will assign to a comic is 9.8.NEAR MINT
Near Mint+ NM+ 9.6
Near Mint NM 9.4
Near Mint- NM- 9.2
These three grades are the most common grades for superior examples of comic book condition. They are highly desirable and still very vulnerable to a change of grade through simple mishandling. A nearly perfect copy that looks brand new with only a few very minor defects. Acceptable minor defects on a NM copy include: A very small amount of spine stresses without color breaks, very minor instances of denting (two or three at most), slight corner blunting, and minor (less than 1/8\") bends without color breaks.VERY FINE (VF) CONDITION
Very Fine/Near Mint VF/NM 9.0
Very Fine+ VF+ 8.5
Very Fine VF 8.0
Very Fine- VF- 7.5
These four grades are the most common grades for what people age 55 and over used to consider passable for \"mint\" back in 1975. In general at arm\'s length they often appear to be without flaws at a first glance, with flaws beginning to become apparent close up as you move down this list. A VF copy has minor defects, but is in overall excellent condition. Most well-kept modern comics (especially if they have been read) fall into this grade. Acceptable defects on a VF are minor and include: Minor corner wear, a light accumulation of spine stress that may include color-break, a light accumulation of dents, and bends or folds less than 1/4\" (note that on a VF copy, some color-break is allowed in a bend/fold).FINE (FN) CONDITION
Fine/Very Fine FN/VF 7.0
Fine+ FN+ 6.5
Fine FN 6.0
Fine- FN- 5.5
These four grades are the most common for \"midgrade\" comics. They are attractive, desirable, clean and fit well in a spot in your collection where you just can\'t afford more money for that special book in a run. Comics from 1965 to 1974 are found most commonly in this range of condition. Comics cared for since 1975 should be in much better condition than this. A comic in FN condition is considered \"above average\" but still displays some wear. In general, the eye appeal is somewhat reduced due to either an accumulation of minor defects or one or two moderate defects. Acceptable defects on a FN copy include: Slight spine roll, a moderate accumulation of spine stresses that may break color, a spine split of less than 1/2\", minor water spotting or residue (less than the size of a dime), an impacted corner, and moderate foxing.VERY GOOD (VG) CONDITION
Very Good/Fine VG/FN 5.0
Very Good+ VG+ 4.5
Very Good VG 4.0
Very Good- VG- 3.5
These four grades are probably at the minimum of collectability for most readers. They are structurally sound, complete, clean but well-read with shelf-wear, stacking or spine-roll becoming evident as you go down this list. Comics from 1955 to 1964 are rarely better than this. A comic in VG condition shows some significant wear, but has not accumulated enough total defects to reduce eye appeal to the point that it is not a desirable copy. A VG copy may have an accumulation of minor defects or one or two major ones. Acceptable defects on a VG copy include: Spine roll, 1/2\" to 1\" spine splits or other tears, a cover or centerfold that is detached at one staple, discoloration due to oxidation, and a moderate accumulation of water damage or staining.GOOD (GD) CONDITION
Good/Very Good GD/VG 3.0
Good+ GD+ 2.5
Good GD 2.0
Good- GD- 1.8
These last seven grades descend through a wide range of undesirability, depending on moderate to severe structural problems, readability, or the presence of water-damage or other stains. It is unusual for comics before 1955 to be in better condition than this. A GD copy has major defects, but is still complete and readable. A GD copy will have a significant amount of damage, usually an accumulation of smaller defects punctuated with some major defects. Acceptable defects on a GD copy include: A vertical book-length crease, 1.5\"-2\" spine split, cover or centerfold completely detached, major tears, heavy discoloration/brittleness due to oxidation, heavy amounts of staining, residue, and water damage.FAIR (FR) CONDITION
Fair/Good FR/GD 1.5
Fair FR 1.0
A FR is the lowest grade a comic book can receive as long as the story and art are complete. A FR copy will have virtually no eye appeal and will display major damage. A comic book in FR condition may have non-story elements such as coupons, ad pages, or Marvel Value Stamps cut or torn out of the book. Types of damage that place a comic in FR range include: A spine split of up to 2/3 the length of the book, a missing back cover provided the front cover is still attached, severe water damage or residue damage, mold, and paper deterioration due to oxidation.POOR (PR) CONDITION
Poor PR 0.5
Comic books in PR condition may be missing up to 4 pages (two spreads) of story pages or display severe damage that affects the readability of the book.Questions? Please ask.
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