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Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas Rocking the Thunderbird

There must be something in the water in young Hollywood these days because not a few days after we posted about Kendall Jenner in her old school Cadillac do I see Nick Jonas riding around in an Old School Thunderbird. Although, this isn’t much of a surprise as Nick is known to have a love for classic cars, such as his Mustang. I’m not a huge fan of classics and especially the Thunderbird, however I give credit where it’s due and I know that an old T-Bird is something special so with that said, good work Nick! I’m excited to keep an eye on what he decides to get next.

Nick Jonas T-Bird

Source: Zimbio

jake paul lamborghini performante

Jake Paul’s Lamborghini Huracan Performante

Does Jake Paul really deserve a Lamborgini Perfomante? I mean at the end of the day he is basically a bully to his “paid” friends?

None the less, his choice of cars is sick and it’s actually pretty funny how he was treated by Lamborghini Corporate. In the end, he still bought the car.

jake paul lamborghini performante

Kylie Shows off in her Rolls Royce Black Badge

Young-hollywood doesn’t have anything on Kylie Kardashian and her fashionable Rolls Royce Black Badge that she was showing off on Snapchat this weekend.

Kylie Jenner Rolls Royce Black Badge

Boong Gang

Boonk Gang is an Idiot

First off, I’m sure his music is horrible and second he is an idiot for standing on the hood of a Bentley that is driving down Rodeo Drive.

Boonk Gang Rapping on Bentley

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Kendall Jenner Cadillac

Kendall Jenner In An Old School Cadillac

If there’s one thing I know by now, it’s that Kendall Jenner loves her classic cars. We’ve seen her in her Mustang, her Corvette and now this 1960’s Cadillac Series 62. I’m pretty sure she also has a Thunderbird and a Camaro, on top of the ever growing list of modern rides such as her R8 or her Ferrari. I love that Kendall loves cars yet I’m also extremely jealous that a 22 year old girl has a lineup that rivals some of the biggest gear heads in the business. Which one of Kendall’s ride is your favorite?


Kendall Jenner Cadillac

Source: Instagram