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Britney’s Kids Dropped-Off in Dodge Ram SRT-10 aka Viper Truck

Britney Spear’s kids may to be too young to be celebs but here you can see they at least are rolling in style when daddy aka Kevin Federline’s body guard is dropping them off to mommy in a grey Dodge Ram SRT-10 with a Viper Engine. NOt to bad of a truck to be hauled around in!

Britney Spear's Dodge Ram SRT-10

The Dodge Ram SRT-10!

Photos hacked from X17 Online.

Seal in a Ferrari F430 Spider

If you have one of the hottest models alive as your girlfriend and a Black Ferrari F430 SPider, what else do you need in life? Well I don’t know but apparently R&B singer Seal does as you see him here waiting for his wife Heidi Klum to hop out of the Ivy on Robertson while he waits in his Black Ferrari.

Seal cruising in his Ferrari F430 Spider

Sharon Stone Still Knows What is Hot

I wouldn’t have expected Sharon Stone to drive anything less. Here you can see the ever so hot Sharon Stone and child buckling in to her Bentley Continental GT.

Sharon Stone's Bentley Continental GT

Photo courtesy of X17 Online

Brad Pitt Loves Motorcycles

Brad Pitt may be no Hells Angel but he sure loves his motorcycles. I was expecting pictures of his new Ducati but apparently Brad was most interested in riding this very custom chopper bike.

Brad Pitt's Custom Chopper Bike

Rob Dyrdek’s 69 Camaro RallySport

Rob Dyrdek recently commissioned a sweet 1969 Camaro to be dressed in his signature flat black look along with select Rogue Status Graphics! Check out Rob’s Camaro and leave us a comment!

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Rob Dyrdek Camaro