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Y.u. Mad – Birdman ft. Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj and a Maybach

Cash Money's CEO Birdman and his crew Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj want to know why you're mad? Could it be because they are rolling around in cash and have expensive cars in their videos? We think so. In their video Y.u. Mad CEO Birdman can be seen flaunting cash in front of a Maybach drop-top. That's why you mad mad.

Y.u. Mad - Birdman ft. Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj Lyrics:

- Nicki Minaj -
I told stunna I said, you know
They on that regular degular
I said me, I'm on that 1.5 on a skinny top

I am the female Weezy, this shit is easy
Pull up in that new-new, bitch get a squeegee
Yeah my flow sick, yeah my flow queasy
Haha, they was sleepin' on me, z-ZZ-ZZ

This pussy clean, this pussy squeaky
That pussy old, that pussy creaky
When I'm out the country, niggas call me Nicki
Hi, how are you? yes, it's nice to meet me

Damn, billboard, haha!
I mean I'm winning but i'm still bored
Yeah we shine, gold cluster
As for your career, dead, ghostbusta

That's y u mad, that's y u, y u mad mad
That's y u mad, that's y u, y u mad mad

- Birdman -
Yeah, bigger than life, c 4, we da business

Man, fuck y'all niggas, get down on the lay down
Shoot up anything except a school or a playground
Triple O.G. nigga, these hos know me
Shining AK blood just like a trophy

I'm old school and I'll smack a bitch
Gettin' money like a motherfuckin' cracker bitch
Whatcha know about it, take notes nigga
YMCMB, head coach nigga

Yeah, stuntman, stuntman
Street sweeper in my hand, get the dustpan
Yeah, we done took off nigga
Got the game on lock like football, nigga

That's y u mad, that's y u, y u mad mad
That's y u mad, that's y u, y u mad mad

- Lil Wayne -
Uh, I got the world in my wallet
Swisher full of violet
Niggas think they fly, make me check your flight mileage
That P on my hat is for piru, not pirates
I bet I could turn her pussy to a fuckin' fire hydrant

And I do it for my niggas, my motherfuckin' niggas
'Cause these hoes so thirsty like they got the fuckin' hiccups
I'm a bizz ho to say the least, ho
No cut on the coke, that's coke zero

Yeah, tonight I'll probably fuck another nigga' girl
Party time, excellent, Wayne's world, haha
It's Cash Money, nigga eat a dick
Been had it on lock, gave the key to Nick'

That's y u mad, that's y u, y u mad mad
That's y u mad, that's y u, y u mad mad

- Birdman -
Yeah, Barbie you the flyest baby
What it do one-hundred
YMCMB business, bigger than life!

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