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Everything You Need To Know About Nicole Scherzinger

There’s not much that Nicole Scherzinger can’t do. The dazzling beauty is the former leader of The Pussycat Dolls and she has a flair for singing, dancing, acting, modeling and more. She was born into a family of Hawaiian dancers and it wasn’t long before pretty Miss Nicole started rocking the world with her many talents.
Nicole Scherzinger has strutted her way to diva status by sheer will. As a child, she danced alone in her bedroom while singing along to Whitney Huston tapes. When she grew up, she ran off to join the rock band “Days of the New,” and it wasn’t long before Nicole was tapped to lead The Pussy Cat Dolls to fame and notoriety. That is when her career really started taking off.
Let’s count the many accomplishments of Nicole Scherzinger. She is an awesome singer and songwriter with multiple awards and undeniable musical chops. She is a supreme dancer who took top prize in the tenth season of ABCs “Dancing With the Stars.” She has appeared in live professional theater as well as television and movies. She was a judge on the “X Factor” in the U.S. and now is judging “X Factor U.K.” Her face and body are seen in fashions from around the world. Hard to say what’s next for this sultry pussycat. Best of all she’s also dating F1 driver, Lewis Hamilton.

Nicole’s Mercedes-Benz SL63
Nicole Scherzinger Mercedes SL63

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Nicole Scherzinger's Bentley Continental

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Nicole Scherzinger and her boyfriend Lewis Hamilton
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