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Zac Efron’s Old School Ford Mustang

Zac Efron took to Instagram recently to show off his grandpa’s 1965 Ford Mustang that has been in the shop for the past two years and is now complete! It’s unclear whether or not the Mustang now belongs to Zac, but regardless he seems to be quite fond of it! We assume he will be whipping around the LA area in it a lot!

Zac Efron Ford Mustang

Zac Efron Mustang

Source (@zacefron)

Zac Efron Keeping It Real On A Vintage Electric Bike

Zac Efron has to have a pretty easy life and what better way to get around than a electric bike from Vintage Electric.

See more about Vintage Electric Bikes at their site.

Zac Efron vintage electric

Zac Efron Picks Up A Parking Ticket In His Audi

Zac Efron found a parking ticket on the windshield of his Audi S5 in Hollywood recently. Maybe next time he should think about not parking in a handicap spot…

Zac Efron Audi S5

Zac Efron Grabs Lunch In His New Audi

Zac Efron grabs lunch at a restaurant in Hollywood before heading back to his new Audi S5. What do you think of the blacked out look on the S5?

Zac Efron Audi S5

Celebrity Taxi Report: Zac Efron

Zac Efron jumps from the backseat of his taxi in New York City earlier this week. Zac’s recently been spending his time in New York filming a new movie so that means lots of cab rides.

Zac Efron Taxi Cab