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Brooks Weisblat’s 2018 Ford GT

Brooks Weisblat who runs the DragTimes YouTube channel took delivery of an amazon triple yellow with black stripes 2018 Ford GT. In a YouTube video uploaded yesterday, he and his team had a BBQ at Autonation Ford of Miami. His blog says he was able to witness the car emerging from Stage 7 factory in Toronto. While they weren’t allowed behind the scenes, his GT Concierge took a few shots of the assembly process. Looking forward to seeing what this car runs in the 1/4 mile over at the DragTimes drag racing site.


Youtube Star Jordan Maron Added Another Exotic to His Lineup

A while back, we featured Jordan Maron, a YouTube star better known as CaptainSparklez and his lineup. Well, Recently he made another purchase, in the form of a 2016 McLaren 675LT. He has nicknamed it the 2016 Toyota Corolla and the Prius. He just goes to show that YouTubers can be just as big any other celebrity!

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Source: Instagram


When will Farshad break 10K

I know Celebrity Cars Blog has its fair share of loyal readers and I’d love to know how many of you all watch Salomindrin’s videos on Youtube. I watch my fair share of video and I wont lie, I’m a fan of Farshad. He tries too hard but that makes it funny. If I had to rank him amongst the day to day crew, I’d put him as my second favorite beating out Pedro. 🙂

Either way, his ego needs to get bigger so if you are on IG, give him a follow to boost him to 10K!

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