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Young Jeezy Means Business In The Bentley

The only ride we've spotted Young Jeezy with before is his Ferrari California but now it looks like he's picked up a new addition to his collection. Jeezy posted this photo of himself with a white Bentley Mulsanne on his Facebook page. We're a fan.

Young Jeezy Bentley Mulsanne

Shout out to DRE for the tip.

Young Jeezy’s Got Ferrari Game

Young Jeezy

Young Jeezy purchased a new Ferrari California earlier this year so it was really only a matter of time before someone noticed. Unfortunately, for Jeezy it was the cops that noticed it. Jeezy was apparently pulled over in the California for failing to use his turn signal when turning at an intersection. We're going to take a wild shot and say that if Jeezy was behind the wheel of say a Honda Accord he might not have been pulled over....? Just saying...

Young Jeezy Ferrari California

Young Jeezy Ferrari California