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Actress and YouTube Personality, Trisha Paytas’ Pink G-Wagon

When you are a blonde bombshell actress who resides in the Hollywood Hills, it’s only fitting that you drive the most ostentatious pink Mercedes G-Wagon. It also wouldn’t be right to have all of the modifications done at some no-name shop, so of course it was sent to West Coast Customs for the complete makeover.

Trisha Paytas Mercedes G-Wagon
Trisha Paytas G-Wagon

Photos (@trishapaytas)

Kylie Jenner updates her Ferrari 458 again

Until the new Ferrari 488 GTB starts hitting the streets, Kylie has decided to update her 458 yet again to keep things fresh. Sending it to West Coast Customs for the makeover, she opted for an all white color scheme and some new wheels that feature a “K” emblem instead of the Ferrari badge.

Kylie Jenner Ferrari 458

Photo (@westcoastcustoms)


2 Chainz Visits West Coast Customs and Checks Out the DeLorean

West Coast Customs Customizes Tyga’s Mercedes SLS

As if his matte red Ferrari California and gold Audi R8 weren't enough, lets add a Mercedes SLS to the mix. Tyga had the guys at West Coast Customs repaint his red SLS to white, add some red accents to all the grilles, tint the rear lights, and throw some white HRE wheels on to top it all off. The white HRE's aren't really doing it for us. What do you think?

Tyga Mercedes Benz SLS

Tyga Mercedes SLS

Tyga SLS

Shout out to dre for the tip!

Mark Wahlberg’s Cadillac Escalade Gets The Boot

Looks like Mark Wahlberg's moving on to bigger and better things (not that you can get much bigger when you're talking about an Escalade ESV). Wahlberg's Cadillac Escalade ESV customized by the guys at West Coast Customs is up for auction on eBay with a starting bid placed at $75,000 and a buy it now at a whopping $129,750.

We're not sure it's better than Beckham's Escalade ESV on the outside but the interior of this thing is crazy.

Check out the full gallery and listing here.

Mark Wahlberg Cadillac Escalade

Mark Wahlberg Cadillac

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