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Teri Hatcher’s VW: Not Your Average Celebrity Ride

This isn’t exactly your average celebrity car.

Teri Hatcher drives around in her 1974 Volkswagen Bus.

‘Desperate Housewives’ star Teri Hatcher was spotted running around Los Angeles recently in her clean looking 1974 Volkswagen Bus. We have to say it looks pretty good on her! What do you think?

Kate Middleton’s Volkswagen See’s Some Action

After sitting around for a few days and not seeing any action from bidders, the Volkswagen Golf that was once owned by Kate Middleton has actually received it’s first bid at 20,000 euro’s which is somewhere right around $28,000. Check out the full listing here and find out what else comes with the car. Do you think the car will reach the reserve price??

Kate Middleton Volkswagen Golf













Kate Middleton Volkswagen Golf


Heidi Klum Runs Errands In Her Volkswagen

Heidi Klum took her daughter to dance class in her Volkswagen Tiguan recently. The Tiguan is a nice little SUV and all but if you could see Heidi behind the wheel of any car what would it be?

Heidi Klum Volkswagen Tiguan

Chelsea Kane Shows Some Leg In Her Beetle

Chelsea Kane showed her dancing legs as she stepped out of her Volkswagen Beetle before DWTS practice. With legs like that I guess we can get over the fact that she drives a Beetle.

Chelsea Kane Volkswagen Beetle
















Source: X17 Online

Spotted: Heidi Klum On Mom Duty In A Volkswagen

Heidi Klum rocked her Supra’s as she and her daughter jumped out of their Volkswagen Tiguan before heading to a ballet class this weekend. Heidi can make anything look good! Don’t you agree?

Heidi Klum Volkswagen Tiguan


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