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The cameras spotted Jennifer Lawrence and her dad at a gas station with her Volkswagen EOS recently.

Jennifer Lawrence Volkswagen

Shout out to matt for the tip!

Tim Allen’s 57 Ragtop VW

We don't see much of Tim Allen these days but that doesn't mean he's fallen off his car game.  This photo is a bit old but bubbled up today and I thought it was worth sharing.  The last time we saw a pic from this garage Tim was selling his ZO6.  Looks like the Ford GT is new and it also appears the Ford RS200 is gone or parked else where.

Tim Allen VW Bug

Photo Credit: Stephan Szantai

Jennifer Lawrence Fills Up Her EOS

Jennifer Lawrence was spotted stopping by a Los Angeles gas station this week to fill up her Volkswagen EOS.

Jennifer Lawrence Volkswagen EOS

Jennifer Lawrence Volkswagen

Jennifer Lawrence Sporting A Volkswagen Eos

Actress, Jennifer Lawrence was spotted showing off some leg next to her Volkswagen Eos recently.

Jennifer Lawrence VW EOS

Joshua Jackson’s Volkswagen Breaks Down At LAX

Even celebrities run into car trouble every now and then. Joshua Jackson sure ran into a problem when his Volkswagen Karmann Ghia broke down just before reaching the airport.

Joshua Jackson Volkswagen Karmann Ghia

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