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Lady Gaga Rides Around In The Backseat Of An Audi

Lady Gaga travels a lot so it’s no surprise to see her being chauffeured around in whatever town she’s visiting. Recently Gaga was spotted getting out of an Audi A8 in Amsterdam. It’s not as cool as her Audi R8 but it’s still a nice ride!

lady gaga audi a8


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Young Millionaires Need Style #justsayin

Lets say you just sold your tech company for a nice chunk of change (what I really mean is for life changing money), what would you buy?

Cars that come to my mind are a Ferarri 599 GTO, Aston Martin DBS, Porsche GT3RS, or maybe something more subtle like a Mercedes G-Wagon, E63 or a new BMW 5-Series!

So riddle me this, why is Aaron Patzer who sold Mint.com for $170 million driving a Subaru Outback not to mention that prior to this he was driving a 1996 Ford Contour.

How about Dustin Moskovitz who was a co-founder of Facebook.  I get he’s driving a car he loves, the VW Golf R32 but any V-dubberwould love to have an Audi R8, am I wrong?

So for the record when I make $20 million plus, I’ll be buying a Ferrari 599 GTO!

Ferrari 599 GTO

Special thanks to Nate from Highlighter for calling my attention to the original story here.

Last Weeks Guess Who – Gwyneth Paltrow

Last weeks Guess Who was Gwyneth Paltrow waiting for her daughter to jump out of her BMW X5 on the streets in London. Obviously this one was way too easy…

Gwyneth Paltrow BMW X5
















Gwyneth Paltrow BMW X5

Beckham Gets Behind The Jaguar XJ Supersport

David Beckham goes through so many cars it can be hard to keep up with them all. A few months back this shot was taken of David and Victoria cruising around in a new black Jaguar XJ Supersport. Some people might not care for this car but with just over 500 hp and a supercharged engine under the hood it’s hard to complain about it that much.

How long until this car gets the “blacked out” treatment (that is if they still even have the car) betting starts now…

David Beckham Jaguar XJ Supersport


Thanks to Karl for the tip!