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Someone Tell Taylor Swift She Needs a New Car

Taylor Swift was spotted leaving a gym in Hollywood with her BFF, Selena Gomez recently. While we're not sure what Selena was driving, Swifty jumped into the backseat of her black Toyota Sequoia, the same Toyota she's had for years now.

It's time for an upgrade don't you think? What car would you tell Taylor to go for?

Photo (Zimbio)

Samuel L. Jackson spotted in a Toyota Camry!?

When you are big name Hollywood actor, the usual vehicle of choice is something luxurious, expensive, fast, and typically not economical. Some though opt for something much more bland and basic in a seemingly desperate attempt to fit in with the crowd. For example, Samuel L. Jackson, one of the hottest celebrities in the world with a net worth well over 100 million dollars, seen in a base model Toyota Camry. Perhaps it’s just his daughter's car?

Samuel L Jackson Toyota Camry

Photo (@michelle_oosthuizen)

Austin Butler Stops to Fill Up His Prius

Austin Butler who's best known for his roles on Zoey 101 and Switched at Birth, or better yet, for dating Vanessa Hudgens, was spotted filling up his Toyota Prius at a gas station in Hollywood recently.

Photo (Zimbio)

Christian Bale Lays Low in His Toyota Tacoma

Don't let Christian Bale's superhero movie roles fool you, in real life he's pretty low key. Bale was spotted driving around Hollywood in his older Toyota Tacoma recently -- not exactly what you'd picture Bruce Wayne driving!

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Spotted: Anna Kendrick Shopping In Her Prius

Queen geek Anna Kendrick has been snapped loading up her Toyota Prius after a spot of shopping in L.A. Although Kendrick clearly isn't a huge car fan, she is known for her love of Taco Bell, where she likes to visit the Drive-Thru at night, eating alone in her car.

Anna Kendrick - Toyota Prius

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