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Tim Allen’s Audi S8 on Ebay

Tim Allen‘s never seems to amaze me with his choice of rides. A couple year’s back it was his blacked out Z06 on eBay and now it’s his his Audi S8. If you’re in the market for an Audi a used S8 is a killer deal these days. I know I’m watching them and dreaming.

Tim Allen Audi S8

See it on eBay

For Sale: Tim Allen’s Corvette Z06

Tim Allen Corvette Z06
Looks like Tim Allen doesn’t care for the Corvette ZO6, I mean you don’t see Jay throwing any cars up on eBay… But nonetheless, the Toolman Taylor’s Corvette is the latest of many celebrity owned vehicles to hit the block on eBay as celebrity owned cars heat up and are prepped for Barret Jackson just around the corner.

Either way I do like Tim’s Style where it appears he has gone with a nice flat balck powder coat over the factory wheels.

Tim Allen and his Corvette Z06

Check out the listing over at eBay.