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The Game Gets a New Camaro

A while ago, The Game asked his fans for some input on what color he should paint his Camaro convertible and the final look turned out like this. Now, it looks like he's picked up another Camaro for his collection and this time it's a coupe and it's red. The Game posted a photo of the Camaro with his Rolls Royce Ghost in the background on Instagram recently.

The Game Camaro
Photo (@whenarichniggawantyou)

What’s The Game Doing With An Aventador?

So now The Game has a Lamborghini Aventador? I doubt it. He posted a few pictures on his Instagram of this matte black Aventador just a few days ago. Are you buying it?

The Game Lamborghini Aventador

Shout out to Nsod for the tip

The Game Posing In Someone’s Veyron Again

Last time it was Bijan's Veyron, any guesses as to who owns this one?

the game posing in Bugatti

Behind The Scenes at The Bone Thugs N Harmony Concert Featuring The Game

It's not often that anyone gets to see what a celeb shows up in when they pull up to their own concert or game.  For example, why don't I know what Tiger Woods rolls up in when he's hosting his own tournament down in Florida?  Anyways, one of our favorite readers sent us these photos giving us a behind the scenes look at the LA stop of the Bone Thugs N Harmony Concert which featured The Game. The Game was rollin his ever-changing Bentley Continental.

Special thanks for Moti for sending us the photos.

The Game The Game Bentley Continental The Game Bentley

The Game Gives His Bentley GT A Makeover

I was never a fan of The Game's Bentley GT but just recently he took it to the same guys that customized his Camaro and did a complete overhaul. He also had his jeweler put 150 karats (almost $100k in diamonds) on his sons remonte control Bentley GT. Crazy right? The Game's Bentley is white on red now instead of a horrible orange. What do you think of the new look? Would you rock it?

The Game Bentley The Game Bentley Continental

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