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Someone Tell Taylor Swift She Needs a New Car

Taylor Swift was spotted leaving a gym in Hollywood with her BFF, Selena Gomez recently. While we’re not sure what Selena was driving, Swifty jumped into the backseat of her black Toyota Sequoia, the same Toyota she’s had for years now.

It’s time for an upgrade don’t you think? What car would you tell Taylor to go for?

Photo (Zimbio)

Selena Gomez Meets Taylor Swift For Lunch In Her BMW

Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift were spotted heading to lunch in Los Angeles recently. Selena rolled up to the restaurant in her BMW X5 while Taylor was spotted walking in with her bodyguard close by. We’ve never actually seen Taylor Swift driving herself around and we’re not sure we ever will. What kind of car do you think Taylor would drive?

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Taylor Swift Goes Grocery Shopping In A Toyota

The only time we ever see Taylor Swift in a car is when someone else (one of her many boyfriends) is driving her but earlier this week  we spotted her doing her own grocery shopping and loading bags into the back of a Toyota Sequoia. The Toyota Sequoia is probably one of the last cars we’d guess she’d be driving.

Taylor Swift Toyota

Reese Witherspoon And Taylor Swift Go For A Drive

Who knew Reese Witherspoon and Taylor Swift were buddies? Reese and Taylor were spotted leaving a restaurant together in Reese’s Mercedes-Benz GL350 recently. We thought the only thing these two had in common was Jake Gyllenhaal…

Jake and Taylor’s Dilemma Inside an Audi Q7

Jake Gylenhaal and Taylor Swift was spotted in an Audi Q7 in Brooklyn as they call the police for some anti-paparazzi escort. They should have rode in a tank and chose different professions if they didn’t wanted to be photographed.