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Suge Knight Hangs With The Ladies In His Camaro

Suge Knight was recently spotted with his Chevy Camaro outside a restaurant in Los Angeles. Is it just us or do the ladies look less than impressed?

Suge Knight Chevy Camaro

Suge Knight Camaro

Ride Like Rap Royalty In Suge Knights Rolls Royce

Rap mogul and car collector Suge Knight is parting ways with his classic 1991 Rolls Royce with red interior. According to the eBay auction, this is said to be Suge Knight’s first Rolls Royce he ever owned and now you can own it too. If you can get past the red interior with wood accents that is…

Check out the eBay listing here for all the details!


Suge Knight Rolls Royce

Suge Knight Rolls Royce Interior