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Sylvester Stallone: All Business In The SL

Sylvester Stallone ran around Los Angeles recently in his black Mercedes-Benz SL65. Now this is one sexy car…don’t you think so?

Sylvester Stallone Mercedes SL65

Sylvester Stallone’s Mercedes SL65

We were wondering why Sylvester Stallone‘s Porsche Panamera was listed for sale on eBay recently and it all makes sense now.

Stallone was spotted outside Barnes and Noble in Los Angeles with a new black Mercedes-Benz SL65. We’d pick the SL65 over the Panamera too. Wouldn’t you?

Sylvester Stallone Mercedes Benz SL65

Sylvester Stallone Ditches His Porsche

Even if you don’t like the Panamera, this one might make your head turn. Sylvester Stallone’s Porsche Panamera 4s has just been listed on eBay through Beverly Hills Porsche. What we really want to know is how long he’s actually owned the car because we’ve never even seen him in it before!

Check out the eBay listing here for tons of photos and info on the car. Is it me or does Sylvester look like a used car salesman in these photos?
Sylvester Stallone's Porsche Panamerca for sale on ebay
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Sylvester Stallone Show Muscle In His Camaro SS

For a guy that normally drives a Volkswagen we’re pretty happy to see him driving a Camaro SS.

Sylvester Stallone In his Camaro SS

Sylvester Stallone Driving His Camaro SS

Rock Balboa Drives a Volkswagen

Stallone may look tough and sure he went through 12 rounds with a tattoo artist for this tattoo he is so proud to show but at the end of each day he hops in his black Volkswagen Jetta to make his way home to Beverly Park.

stallone voklswagen

Rocky, lets think about a new car, even if it is just the around the town car.

Photo courtesy of TMZ