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What Are The Chances Soulja Boy Really Bought A BMW I8

I’m not sure anyone can trust Soulja Boy. He’s been called out for using fake money in videos, he has a fake watches (according to WatchBusta), and he’s claiming to have picked up two new cars this weekend for his birthday.

Soulja Boy BMW i8

Soulja Boy Blue BMW i8

Soulja Boy Rapping on his Rolls Royce Ghost

Soulja Boy Rolls Royce Ghost

Source: Instagram

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Soulja Boy’s Desperate To Show Off His Lambo

One quick look through Soulja Boy’s Instagram page and it’s pretty obvious he’s rolling around in a Lamborghini these days. Soulja Boy’s shared so many photos of his Lamborghini recently that we don’t even have the energy to show you all of them but if you really want to check them out, you can find them here.

Soulja Boy Lamborghini Gallardo


Photos (@souljaboy)

Soulja Boy Shows Off His Red Bentley Lineup

Soulja Boy posted a photo on his Facebook page over the weekend of not one, but two red Bentley Continentals sitting back to back in a driveway. One of these Bentley’s is probably the one he crashed a while back in Hollywood. What’s better, red on black or red on red?

Soulja Boy Bentley

Soulja Boy Bentley Continental

(photos: Facebook)

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Soulja Boy Adds A Bugatti To His Collection

Soulja Boy shared a photo of his new Bugatti yesterday with the caption, “finally got it. I deserve this. Worked hard 5 years str8!”. If only we could all pick up a Bugatti after working five years straight. He better work a few more weeks so he can pick up some new wheels. What do you think?

Soulja Boy Bugatti

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Soulja Boy Picks Up A New Porsche

Soulja Boy’s been overloading his Instagram/Twitter accounts this week with photos of his new Porsche 991 Cabriolet. What do you think of his new ride?

Soulja Boy Porsche

Soulja Boy Porsche 991

Soulja Boy Porsche Cabriolet

Shout out to Caio for the tip.