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Celebrity Taxi Report: Sienna Miller

The always foxy Sienna Miller hailed a taxi in London after leaving the Groucho club in Soho. Wonder if Sienna has anything new in her garage these days besides her Lexus GS 450H? Anyone know?

Sienna Miller Taxi


Source: Just Jared

Sienna Miller Keeps It Real in the Lexus GS

We all know Sienna Miller is foxy as hell but when she plays it down in the Lexus GS, it drives me crazy!

Does anyone know what model she is driving?

Sienna Miller Goes Topless in Her Audi TT

Sienna Miller's Audi TT

No Shoes, No Pants, No Top??? Thats right, Sienna Miller goes topless around LA in her Audi TT and we will admit, its worth snapping the photo when you have the chance. As you can see here Sienna was out for a quick ice cream break while cruising around her 2008 Audi TT convertible that is all new this year from the brilliant designers over at Audi. And we must say the car speaks for itself especially when the driver is wearing nothing more then a long tank top with no shoes.