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Last Weeks Guess Who – Shauna Sand

Last weeks “Guess Who” was Playboy Playmate and actress, Shauna Sand with her Bentley Continental.

Shauna Sand

Shauna Sand Bentley

(Photos: Zimbio)

There Are So Many Things Wrong With This Photo

Is it just us or does Shauna Sand look like she’s about sixty years old as she steps into her Bentley Continental?

Shauna Sand Bentley

Shauna Sand Is Back In Her Bentley

Shauna Sand filled up her Bentley Continental at a gas station in Los Angeles recently. How do you even drive a car in shoes like this?? What would you say to Shauna if you were filling up your car next to her?

Shauna Sand Bentley Continental

Shauna Sand Bentley Continental


Source: X17 Online

Spotted: Shauna Sand In A Mercedes-Benz

Shauna Sand jumped into the back of an older Mercedes-Benz E-Class recently and we have to say seeing her without her Bentley isn’t nearly as exciting.

Shauna Sand Mercedes Benz E Class


Shauna Sands’ Bentley Posing

Shauna Sands looks like she’s more than happy that it’s windy as soon as she got out of her Bentley Continental. We’re not complaining how this sort-of-actress gets out of her car!

Source: X17 Online