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Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee: Sarah Jessica Parker’s Ford Wagon

The wait is finally over! Season 4 of Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is back and episode 1 features Sarah Jessica Parker and her own personal 1976 Ford Country Squire Wagon. Yes, you read that right, Sarah Jessica Parker owns a 1976 Ford Country Squire Wagon, fake wood paneling and all. And while “SJP” has always been pretty real when it comes to her cars, this 1976 wagon takes things to a whole other level of real.

In the second half of the episode, Sarah actually gets behind the wheel of the car and looks pretty comfortable, that is until she has to merge, then things get a little sketchy. Take a look at the episode on the Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee website here.

It’s good to have CCC back and it’s nice to know that behind the high fashion, Sex in the City girl, there’s just a classic car, wagon loving, human being. Check out more episodes here.

Sarah Jessica Parker Jerry Seinfeld

Sarah Jessica Parker Rides Around In A Mini Cooper

Sarah Jessica Parker rode in the passenger seat of a Mini Cooper with the top down in Miami yesterday.

Sarah Jessica Parker Mini Cooper Sarah Jessica Parker Mini

Sarah Jessica Parker: Mom Duty In A Lexus

Sarah Jessica Parker was recently spotted bringing her daughter home from school in a Lexus RX. It’s pretty rare to see SJP behind the wheel since she lives in NYC but we’re sure she’s got multiple cars like this Lexus hiding somewhere.

Sarah Jessica Parker Lexus RX

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Prius

Sarah Jessica Parker carried her daughters to the waiting silver Prius outside her New York pad for a scheduled doctor’s appointment. We didn’t know SJP is into green cars!

Sarah Jessica Parker Toyota Prius

Source: Pacific Coast News

SJP Looks Very Good and So Does the New Mercedes E-Class Cabrio

I know that this car isn’t hers but I must say that SJP (Sarah Jessica Parker) looks damn good hoping out of this new whip from Mercedes. I’m expecting to see a lot of these on the road.

Sarah Jessica Parker hopping out of Mercedes E-Class Cabrio