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Ryan Sheckler Has a New Raptor

We’ve seen Ryan Sheckler in a variety of rides in the past. He’s had everything from an S-Class, to a Dodge Ram to a Ferrari. Well it’s been a bit since we’ve had an update on him and while he still does have his S-Class (and I’m sure a few of his other rides) we now know that he’s added a Ford Raptor to his lineup. The Raptor seems like the perfect ride to have in your lineup when you’re someone who’s as adventurous and extreme sport oriented as Ryan. I also love Raptors and it looks especially great in white so I’m glad to see him in one!

Ryan Sheckler Raptor

Source: Instagram

Looks Like Ryan Sheckler’s Still In The Car Game…Big Time

Ryan Sheckler hasn’t been in the spotlight that much over the past few years but that doesn’t mean he’s not rolling around in a sick ride. Sheck’s posted a photo on Instagram recently of him skating in front of his house with his Mercedes-Benz S65 creepin’ in the driveway. Between this and his Ford Raptor, we’d say he’s got a pretty badass lineup right now!

Ryan Sheckler Mercedes Benz

Photo (@shecks)

Ryan Sheckler Does Burnouts In His Raptor

When Ryan Sheckler isn’t on his skateboard, he’s doing burnouts with his Ford Raptor in the driveway.

Ryan Sheckler Ford Raptor

Photo (@shecks)

This Is One Way To Use a Ford Raptor

Ryan Sheckler put his Ford Raptor to good use earlier this week.

Ryan Sheckler Ford Raptor

(Photo: @shecks)

Ryan Sheckler’s Ford Raptor

It’s about time Ryan Sheckler shows off a new ride. He might be young but he’s already had his fair share of sick rides and it looks like this Ford Raptor is the latest addition. Sheckler shared this photo on Instagram yesterday while it was getting a fresh detail. Unlike Scott Disick, Sheckler is someone I can actually picture with a Raptor!

Ryan Sheckler Ford Raptor

Source: Ryan Sheckler’s Instagram