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Bad Day for Diddy in the Maybach

Picture this, you are at a fancy night club and your Maybach is right out front, perfectly safe right? Well not when a freak DUI/pass out occurs and your Maybach is slammed into by a Rolls Royce being piloted by a passed out celebrity.

Well, this wild story is true as luck would have it if your name is Puff Daddy, Sean Combs, P Diddy, or Diddy as his Maybach was rear-ended out site of a swank night club up in NYC.

Check out Diddy’s Maybach after being rear-ended by the Rolls Royce Phantom!
Diddy's Maybach

Diddy's Maybach Up Close

[Source: TMZ]

Scott Storch Adds a Drophead Coupe to the Family

Scott Storch was the first to cut the roof off the Rolls Royce Phantom and admittedly says its a mistake, but when you have money, what does it matter?
Scott Storch's Rolls Royce Phantom

Well take a look at what popped in his driveway this weekend…
Rolls Royce Drophead right next to his Bugatti!

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