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This Is How Rob Dyrdek Rolls In Traffic Now

Rob Dyrdek's new murdered out "Street Jet" Chevy Suburban is one badass way to commute. Dyrdek posted these two photos to his Instagram account yesterday with the caption, "This is my new view of traffic..if you live in LA you understand the power of the STREET JET..I lose an entire workday every week sitting in traffic..those days are done."

Rob Dyrdek Chevy Tahoe

Rob Dyrdek Suburban

(Photos: @robdyrdek)


Rob Dyrdek’s 69 Camaro For Sale

rob dyrdek camaro for sale

Rob Dyrdek is a professional skateboarder who has now turned into an uber-entrepreneur with multiple TV-shows, a skateboard company, a cartoon series, a toy line, a restaurant and probably a whole lot more that I don't know about. But forget about that for a second and lets talk about one of his cars. When you have whole warehouse for an office which I'm assuming has plenty of room for a decent little car collection so I'm surprised to see him selling his 1969 Camaro.

Here is a video of it being delivered to Rob at the Fantasy Factory. (his office)

Rob Dyrdek’s Aston Martin Fetish

I knew Rob Dyrdek had an Aston Martin hiding out somewhere and it turns out instead of just one, he's actually had TWO. His first Aston Martin purchase was a DB9 (seen in the video below) and now he has a blacked out Aston Martin Rapide S. The photo was shot by one of Rob's employees while it was parked at the Fantasty Factory and he posted it on his Instagram with the appropriate hashtags, "#bossescar #nobudget #astonmartin". Ballin!

Rob's current Aston Martin Rapide
Rob Dyrdek Aston Martin

Video of Rob's old Aston Martin DB9

Spotted: Rob Dyrdek Cruising In His Ferrari 458

Incase you were wondering what Rob Dyrdek does on the weekends, here you go. Some kid got a major surprise when he found out he was driving next to Rob Dyrdek in his white Ferrari 458 Italia in Malibu. Looks like Rob's living the dream these days.

Click here for a video of Rob driving his Ferrari a while back.

Rob Dyrdek Ferrari 458

Justin Bieber’s T-Rex Sells On eBay

Looks like Rob Dyrdek's 2007 Campagna T-Rex 14R that he gifted to Justin Bieber back in 2011 really gets around! The T-Rex was sold through a charity auction recently and the guy that bought it has already turned it around. It was listed on eBay and sold for $35,000.

Prior to Dyrdek gifting the T-Rex to Beiber, Dyrdek had the T-Rex vinyl wrapped in purple with logo “JB” and quote “Make Your Own Luck” on the body. Now some teenage girl probably has it sitting in her dads garage...

Justin Bieber T-Rex

Justin Bieber T-Rex

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