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What The Hell Is Rick Springfield Driving???

Seriously, what the hell is Rick Springfield driving and what did he do with his beautiful custom Corvette Sting Ray??

Rick Springfield

Rick Springfield Shows Off His Custom Corvette Sting Ray

Rick Springfield walked back to his custom Chevy Corvette Sting Ray after grabbing some coffee recently.

Rick Springfield Corvette

Back in the 80’s Springfield owned a Corvette just like this one but sold it because it lacked comfort and convenience. This new Corvette looks just like his old one on the outside but inside it’s customized with modern amenities including cup holders, electric seats from a 2000 C-4 Corvette, GPS, iPod hookup, backup camera and an impressive audio system (so he can sing along to “Jessie’s Girl” anytime he feels like it of course).

Rick Springfield Corvette

Would you rock this Corvette? We would!


Rick Springfield’s Corvette

Rick Springfield sure knows how to run an errand celebrity style! He was seen with a handsome-looking Corvete Sting Ray in Malibu. Now that’s a celebrity car!

Rick Springfield's Corvete Sting Ray

Rick Springfield's Corvete Sting Ray