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Really Rick Ross???

Rick Ross Mulsanne

Rick Ross Crashes Rolls Royce During Drive-By Shooting

Rick Ross was celebrating his birthday in Fort Lauderdale last night when someone opened fire as he left a restaurant in his Rolls Royce. Luckily, no one was injured but his Rolls Royce definitely needs some TLC.

Rick-Ross-Rolls-Royce-1 Rick Ross Rolls Royce

Here’s what local Florida news outlet WSVN reports:

Fort Lauderdale Police have gathered dozens of bullet casings from Las Olas Boulevard after someone opened fire on a vehicle.

Several gunshots were heard in the area of 1410 E Las Olas Blvd., around 5 a.m. According to locals, they said Rapper Rick Ross was in the Floridian Restaurant celebrating his Birthday and as he left in his Rolls Royce, someone opened fire. Police have not confirmed this information.

The bullets missed the Rolls Royce but the vehicle slammed into the restaurant. Luckily, police said no one was injured by the gunfire. Several businesses in the area were hit by bullets.

Photo Credit: https://twitter.com/BettyNBC6


Old School: Rick Ross’ Hummer

We’re digging through everything we’ve seen Rick Ross in and realized we never blogged about his white Hummer H2.  I don’t know how old this is but not many people drive Hummer H2’sand nowadays Rick Ross seems to stay fitted in his multiple Maybachs!

Rick Ross Hummer H2

Photo Credit: The Auto Firm

Rick Ross’s Bentley Continental Supersports

Rick Ross posted this Instagram photo of himself sitting on his black Bentley Continental Supersports. Lets just hope he didn’t leave a dent in that hood…

rick ross bentley supersports

Rick Ross’ New Maybach Coupe

Hot off the press – it looks like Rick Ross just dropped some big cheese on a Maybach Coupe.

I didn’t even know Maybach was dropping a coupe but it makes sense since there wasn’t a person that didn’t drool when they saw the Maybach Exelero that Birdman apparently never did buy. Either way I can tell after seeing this car for 30 seconds that this will be the it car for the richest of the rich rappers in 2013 and we expect to see some major players picking these up in the next few months.  Who bets Birdman has one on order too?

Rick Ross Maybach Coupe

Via Rick Ross’s Instagram