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Wiz Khalifa Picks Up A New Porsche 991

Wiz Khalifa Porsche

It looks like Wiz Khalifa liked the Porsche 991 that he smashed around the desert in his video ‘It’s Nothing” video that he scooped up a 991 Coupe to wip around.  I’m hoping this car doesn’t turn out like his Challenger but if it does… we’ll talk about it!

Should out to Charles for the reader tip.

Justin Bieber Out in a Ferrari 458 and his Mercedes Sprinter

Looks like Justin Bieber might have had a pretty wild night as he and a group of friends were out at P.F. Changs and they brought out his blacked out Mercedes Sprinter as well as Ferrari 458 that Justin was later seen driving, and later seen pulled over in (jump to TMZ).  The license place on the Ferrari has West Coast Customs so I wouldn’t be surprised if they are letting him borrow it.

Justin Bieber Ferrari 458

Thanks to Neeb for the sending this photo in!

Amare Stoudemire’s Wet Range Rover

Finally the news I’ve been waiting to see from Hurricane Sandy! I know that may sound rude but I’ve been waiting to here the stories of what cars were damaged and who is in need of a new ride! On my facebook I saw a good friend begging for friends to go to his building and get his Scuderia and Rover to safety but it looks like Amare Stoudemire didn’t have so much luck with his Range Rover!

amare stoudemire range rover

And a big thanks to RUFke for the reader tip!

Kyle Massey’s Chevelle SS

When you start out from such a young age as a childhood actor on channels like Disney I think it’s mandatory for you to lash out and do things that make you look like you are a bad boy when you get older.  Case and point is Kyle Massey muggin’ in front of his Chevelle SS.

Kyle Massey Chevelle-SS

Thanks for Kylin for the reader tip!

Kendall and Kylie Getting Their Swerve On

Kylie and Kendall seem to have a lot of fun and it’s kind of nice to see that they let loose as much as they do.

Thanks to Matt for the tip.

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