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Reese Witherspoon Adds a New Range Rover Sport To Her Collection

Reese Witherspoon has one of the larger collections of "daily drivers" in the world of celebrities. She has everything from a Lexus RX, Land Rover LR4, Toyota Land Cruiser, Porsche Panamera, Porsche Cayenne and many more. She's one celebrity that seems to be driving something different every time we see her and this time, it's a new Range Rover Sport.

Reese was spotted stepping out of the new Range Rover in Hollywood last week. Browse through more of Reese's rides here.

Reese Witherspoon Range Rover
Photo (CelebMafia)
Shout out to Tomas for the tip!

David Beckham’s Rolling Multiple Range Rovers

David Beckham's owned his fair share of Range Rovers over the years. Currently, we thought he was just rolling the black one in Los Angeles but from the looks of it, he's running around in another new Range Rover at his house in London as well. Beck's was spotted getting into the new Rover in his driveway yesterday.

Photos (Zimbio)

Ludacris Poses With His Range Rover

Ludacris shared a photo of himself with his Range Rover recently. With all the success Furious7 has had, we wouldn't be surprised if Luda adds some more rides to his garage in the near future. He hasn't really added any new rides in the past couple years so it's about time.

Ludacris Range Rover

Photo (@ludacris)

Niall Horan’s Range Rover

Yes, One Direction are massive and always in the media, and yes, it's usually Harry Styles making the headlines, especially when the story involves cars. Whilst it's usually Harry posing with a classic car or the latest supercar, Irish member Niall Horan has also been snapped a few times behind the wheel.

We're not sure if he still owns his white Mercedes CLA AMG, but the pop singer has been seen driving his Range Rover Sport on more than one occasion.

Niall Horan - Mercedes CLA AMG

Photos (Fashions-cloud)

Niall Horan - Range Rover Sport

Photos (The Star IE)

Niall Horan - Range Rover Sport

Photos (25 Media)

Calvin Harris’ Blacked-Out Range Rover

When Calvin Harris isn't running around in his McLaren MP4-12C, he's driving this new blacked-out Range Rover. Cameras spotted Harris leaving Taylor Swifts house in his Rover this past weekend.

Photo Source (Zimbio)

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