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Ellen Pompeo’s Rover: Out With The Old In With The New

Looks like Ellen Pompeo decided to upgrade from her old Range Rover to the new Range Rover. She was spotted loading the back of her new Range Rover in Los Angeles just a few days ago.

Source: (Zimbio)

Can You Name Who Drives What?

While Kylie me just be playing around like a young teenager, we appreciate the nice glimpse she provides us into the Kardashian/Jenner lineup and we thought it would be fun to see if you could figure out who drives each one.

1. Rolls Royce Ghost
2. Rolls Royce Ghost
3. Range Rover HSE
4. Range Rover Sport
5. White G-Wagon
6. Matte Black G-Wagon

Can you name who drives which on?

Source: (Keek)

Robin Thicke: School Pickup In a Rover

The cameras spotted Robin Thicke picking up his son from school in his black Range Rover recently.


(Photos: Zimbio)

Last Weeks Guess Who – Eric Dane

Ok so maybe I missed a week but the last "Guess Who" was Eric Dane loading his daughter into the backseat of his Range Rover.


(Photos: Zimbio)

Last Weeks Guess Who – Gwen Stefani

Last weeks "Guess Who" was Gwen Stefani with her Range Rover.

Gwen Stefani Range Rover Gwen Stefani

(Photos: Zimbio)

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