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Kylie Jenner’s Car Collection In All Its Glory!

We’ve been talking about Kylie Jenner a lot lately, but thankfully for good reason! She’s arguably one of the hottest celebrities on the planet right now who happens to enjoy showing off her ridiculous collection of cars. Recently we’ve showed you her Mercedes G-WagonRolls-Royce Wraith, and Ferrari 458 but now we get to see them all together (plus some older goodies – her Range Rover & Rolls-Royce Ghost)! It’s easy to want to hate on anyone in the Kardashian empire, but you got to give her some credit for not being afraid to customize her cars and sharing them with us!

Of course we have to ask now, which one would you take!?

Kylie Jenner Ferrari Rolls-Royce Mercedes Range Rover Kylie Jenner Car Collection

Source (@kyliejenner)

Thanks Jensen for the tip!

Brandi Cyrus’s Range Rover Sport

Brandi Cyrus is indeed another one of Miley Cyrus’s sisters! It seems the Cyrus girls sure do love their SUVs, from Miley with her Porsche Cayenne, to Noah with her Jeep Wrangler, and now Brandi with her Range Rover Sport!  Out of all of them, the Range Rover is definetley our favorite especially with the “Storm Trooper” color scheme. Regardless of what you think about the Cyrus family, you have to admit they have good taste in cars!

Brandi Cyrus Range Rover

Source (@brandicyrus)

Morgan Stewart’s Range Rover

Morgan Stewart is a twenty-something blonde mostly known for her roll on the show Rich Kids of Beverly Hills and for her Instagram account @boobsandloubs. With that information alone, you could safely assume she drives a new Range Rover. Sure enough, she does. We are actually somewhat surprised she doesn’t drive a white one to really complete the stereotype!

Morgan Stewart Range Rover

Source (@boobsandloubs)

Alessandra Ambrosio’s New Black Range Rover!

Good News! Victoria Secret supermodel and lover of black Range Rovers, Alessandra Ambrosio, has been spotted with a new black Range Rover! When you are one of the highest paid supermodels in the world, as well as a mother of two, it’s only right that you drive a murdered out Range Rover. We are just glad to see her upgrade from the older model she was driving for a while.

Alessandra Ambrosio Black Range Rover

Alessandra Ambrosio Range Rover

Source (Zimbio)

Footballer Dickson Nwakaeme upgrades his Range Rover

While Soccer might not be quite as popular as other sports here in the United States, it still remains the most popular sport in the world. The result? Lots of very well paid players who love to spend their money on crazy rides. Nigerian soccer star Dickson Nwakaeme chose his Range Rover to be converted to an exclusive Lumma-Design CLR R by the Auto Firm in Miami.

Dickson Nwakaeme Range Rover

Photo (@dn10kabuki)

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