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Rachel Bilson House Hunts In A New Audi

It might not be her own Audi R8 but Rachel Bilson was sporting a new Audi A3 while house hunting with Hayden Christensen recently. Anything’s better than her boring Toyota Prius.

Rachel Bilson Audi A3

Rachel Bilson Rides Shotgun In Hayden’s Audi R8

Just last week we spotted Hayden Christensen out with his Audi R8 but unfortunately Rachel Bilson wasn’t tagging along until yesterday when we spotted this photo of Rachel jumping into the passenger seat of Hayden’s R8.

Now if only she’d trade in her Toyota Prius and get behind the wheel of something like this for herself!

Rachel Bilson Audi R8

Hayden Christensen Valets His Audi R8

Hayden Christensen’s girlfriend, Rachel Bilson might drive a Prius but that doesn’t mean he has one too! Hayden was spotted valeting his Audi R8 with a friend at Chateau Marmont recently. Just a few days ago Hayden was also spotted filling up the R8 with Rachel Bilson in the passenger seat. Rachel might be environmentally friendly but it looks like she doesn’t mind running around in a super car every once in a while.

Hayden Christensen Audi R8

Rachel Bilson Hayden Christensen Audi R8

Rachel Bilson Might Drive A Prius But…

She’s hot. So it’s OK.

Rachel Bilson Toyota Prius

Rachel Bilson Ditches Her Prius…Temporarily.

Rachel Bilson traveled to London for London Fashion Week recently which meant the Prius was nowhere in sight! As a replacement, Rachel was spotted stepping out of the back of a Mercedes Benz. Even though she wasn’t the one behind the wheel we have to say it’s refreshing to spot her in something different than that Prius. We have to say the Mercedes suits her well…just think about it Rachel.

Rachel Bilson Mercedes Benz