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Dwayne Johnson’s Whips from Baller

Super movie star, all in all giant human, The Rock can be seen driving several extravagant, awesome, gaudy cars in the new HBO Series Ballers. The Rock plays “Spencer Strassmore” a Financial Manager for professional football players. In the show they drive, party, and burn money Dan Blizarian style but unfortunately for them, it’s acting. Johnson drives everything from Range Rovers to Mansory Panameras because we’re pretty sure he still doesn’t fit in that Mclaren 650s. His character shares some solid advice we all can use “if it drives, flies, or floats… Lease it!”

Dwayne Johnson Porsche Panamera

Dwayne Johnson McLaren 650s
Source: Instagram

Baller Trailer

Miley Cyrus Still Loves Her Porsche Cayenne

Camera’s recently caught Miley Cyrus driving around in her black Porsche Cayenne GTS. She must be a fan of the car since she’s owned it for a little over two years now. The fist time we spotted her in the GTS, she was filling up the tank at a gas station in Los Angeles.

Photos (Zimbio)

Sofia Vergara Fills Up Her Porsche

When you’re TV’s highest paid actress, pumping gas is obviously such a chore. Up until recently it appeared Sofia Vergara’s penchant for Range Rovers was unrivaled until we found this photo of her with this Porsche 911.

Despite looking bored in the first picture, the Modern Family beauty looks like she’s starring in an actual TV ad in the second… flawless.

Sofia Vergara - Porsche 911

Photos (coolspotters)

Sofia Vergara - Porsche 911

Photos (Ocean Drive)

Caitlyn Jenner in Her Porsche GT3RS

So like everyone else, I was shocked by Caitlyn Jenner.  I mean, who would have thought she wanted to shift gears while driving down the PCH.


caitlyn jenner Porsche GT3RS

Jerry Seinfeld: Comedians in Cars Breaking Down

Even Jerry Seinfeld has to call the tow company every once in a while. Jerry shared this photo of himself with his Porsche 356 sitting on the back of a tow truck over the weekend with the hashtag #comediansincarsbreakingdown.

Jerry Seinfeld Porsche

Photo (@jerryseinfeld)