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ROC Nation Gives Rihanna A New Porsche Turbo

This is one way to wrap up 2012. Jay-Z and the rest of the ROC Nation family pulled out all the stops for Rihanna by surprising her with a new Porsche Turbo S recently. Hopefully she can find some time in next years schedule to actually out some miles on her new ride. She posted photos of the car on her Instagram. Check them out below.

Rihanna Porsche Turbo

Rihanna Porsche

Rihanna Porsche Turbo S

Shout out to Blake, Dan and Keez for the tip.

Lebron and D-Wade’s Porsche Lineup Is Sick

Dwyane Wade posted a photo of his new white Porsche 991 posted up next to Lebron James’ black Porsche Turbo with the caption “Some1 pls dial 911…#Porsche #collection me and @kingjames call these our Batman and Robin”

Dwyane Wade Lebron James Porsche


Robin Thicke Crashes His Porsche

Robin Thicke pulled a Lindsay Lohan last night when he was driving his Porsche Turbo out of a Hollywood club. Somehow he managed to hit a parked car and keep smiling the whole time. An officer even gave him a ride home after the incident…how embarrassing.

Would you be smiling after smashing up your Porsche Turbo? We wouldn’t.

Robin Thicke Porsche

Robin Thicke

Photo Source: Daily Mail

Bill Gates’ 1979 Porsche Turbo Sells For $80,000 At Auction

This 1979 Porsche 911 Turbo once owned by Bill Gates sold today for just under $80,000 at auction. Gates purchased the car four years after founding Microsoft but later sold it in the ’90’s. The car then recently resurfaced and was put up for auction with Gates’ signed registration included.

Even though Bill still drives the kids around in a minivan from time to time it’s nice to know that deep down he has good taste in cars.

Would you pay $80,000 to own Bill Gates’ old Porsche Turbo?

Bill Gates Porsche Turbo

Bill Gates Porsche Turbo

Last Weeks Guess Who – Paula Patton

Last weeks Guess Who was Paula Patton getting into her Porsche.

Paula Patton Porsche

Paula Patton